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HepatitisFactSheet.com is brought to you by AllNetHealth.com and is intended to provide basic information that you can use to make informed decisions about important health issues affecting you or your loved ones. We hope that you’ll find this information about Hepatitis helpful and that you’ll seek professional medical advice to address any specific symptoms you might have related to this matter.

In addition to this site, we have created the "Healthpedia Network" of sites to provide specific information on a wide variety of health topics.

There are three major types of
Hepatitis. We have provided information below on Hepatitis A.   We have also provided specific information on Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. We encourage you to read about the differences between all three types of Hepatitis since they are equally devastating.


What is hepatitis A?

What causes hepatitis A?

How could I get hepatitis A?

Who can get hepatitis A?

What are the symptoms for hepatitis A?

How is hepatitis A treated?

How can I protect myself hepatitis A?

Where can I buy a home test kit for hepatitis?


What is hepatitis A? (top)

Hepatitis A is a liver disease that makes your liver swell and stops it from working right.


What causes hepatitis A? (top)

Hepatitis A is caused by a virus (the flu is a type of virus). A virus is a germ that causes sickness. People can pass viruses to each other. The virus that causes hepatitis A is called the hepatitis A virus (HAV).


How could I get hepatitis A? (top)

Hepatitis A is spread by close personal contact with someone else who has the infection.  You could also get hepatitis A by:

  • eating food that has been prepared by someone with hepatitis A

  • drinking water that has been contaminated by hepatitis A (in parts of the world with poor hygiene and sanitary conditions)

Who can get hepatitis A? (top)

Anyone can get hepatitis A.  But some people are more likely to than others:

  • people who live with someone who has hepatitis A

  • children who go to day care

  • people who work in a day care center

  • men who have sex with men

  • people who travel to other countries where hepatitis A is common

What are the symptoms of hepatitis A? (top)

Hepatitis A can make you feel like you have the flu. Some symptoms include:

  • feeling tired

  • feeling sick to your stomach

  • fever

  • loss of appetite

  • stomach pain

  • diarrhea

  • dark yellow urine

  • light-colored stools

  • yellowish eyes and skin

Some people don't have any symptoms. If you have symptoms or think you might have hepatitis A, go to a doctor. The doctor will test your blood.


How is hepatitis A treated? (top)

Most people who have hepatitis A get well on their own after a few weeks. You may need to rest in bed for several days or weeks, and you won't be able to drink alcohol until you are well. The doctor may give you medicine for your symptoms


How can I protect myself hepatitis A? (top)

You can get the hepatitis A vaccine.  The hepatitis A vaccine is given through a shot. Children can get the vaccine after they turn 2 years old. Children aged 2 to 18 will need three shots. The shots are spread out over a year. Adults get two or three shots over 6 to 12 months.  You need all of the shots to be protected. If you are traveling to other countries, make sure you get all the shots before you go. If you miss a shot, call your doctor or clinic right away to set up a new appointment.

Other ways to protect yourself and others from hepatitis A:

  • Always wash your hands after using the toilet and before fixing food or eating

  • Wear gloves if you have to touch other people's stool. Wash your hands afterwards

  • Drink bottled water when you are in another country. (And don't use ice cubes or wash fruits and vegetables in tap water.)

Click here to buy a home test kit for hepatitis


For more information on all types of Hepatitis, please visit the Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI)






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